Quadrant 1

Quadrant 1:
Boxed In

Existing room, dedicated technology platform

Description: The “Boxed In” quadrant is the world of proprietary collaboration platform rooms, where users plug into existing Teams or Zoom rooms and utilize those platforms exclusively. These rooms have dedicated CPU’s and fixed addresses for users to route their meetings through, while attendees either join the meeting on their laptops or are passive participants in the room.

What the customer says: “Users have to stretch HDMI cables across the room… we are working with dedicated conferencing platforms that are tied to the room, not the user walking into the room… in short, the user experience isn’t ideal. And meetings always start 10 minutes late.”

The Game Plan: Boost flexibility and improve user experience.

What the channel partner needs to do: Look for customers where you’ve sold Logitech, Jabra, or any other major branded collaboration cameras – then pitch ClickShare Conference or the ClickShare Present series to them as a critical component of the new hybrid meeting workstyle – a simple, flexible, wireless upgrade that will instantly boost user experience.

For channel partners who provide managed services or who have recurring revenue models – who have “farmers,” not just “hunters,” on the team – this is a smart strategy.


How ClickShare Conference helps:


One touch, instant wireless access for anyone to everything in the room – with no HDMI cables.


One click allows multiple users to share their screens simultaneously for bigger, better collaboration.


If you’re a Teams person in a Zoom room (or vice versa), you can still hold your meeting with one click using your own personal device.

What’s In It For Them

The customer gets a better user experience …

What’s In It For You

… while you get a 15-20% margin sale that still makes your customer happier.

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